8chan returns with a new name and a reminder not to do illegal stuff

An owner moderates each board, with minimal interaction from site administration. The site has been linked to white supremacism , neo-Nazism , the alt-right , racism and anti-Semitism , hate crimes , and multiple mass shootings. In the aftermath of the back-to-back mass shootings on August 3 and August 4, , in El Paso, Texas , and Dayton, Ohio , respectively, the site was taken off clearnet on August 5, , after the network infrastructure provider Cloudflare stopped providing their content delivery network CDN service. Voxility, a web services company that had been renting servers to Epik , the site’s new domain registrar, as well as Epik’s CDN provider subsidiary BitMitigate, also terminated service. No experience or programming knowledge is necessary for users to create their own boards. Do not create boards with the sole purpose of posting or spreading such content. Brennan agreed to partner 8chan with the Japanese message board 2channel , [17] and subsequently relocated to the Philippines in October In January , the site changed its domain 8chan. Despite subsequently regaining the domain, the site remained at 8ch.

The El Paso Shooting and the Virality of Evil

A mass shooting by a white supremacist at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, on August 3, , shocked Americans across the nation. The horrific attack left 22 people dead and even more injured. The four-page screed was intended to provide a justification for his deadly spree.

This is a timeline of 8chan, a message board dedicated to extreme free , August 7, Legal, As of date, 8chan is the 4,th most visited site in the world.

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8Chan Founder Says Message Board Should Be Shut Down – Report

Slashdot is powered by your submissions , so send in your scoop. The FBI only missed this last shooter by minutes, why stop letting insane morons announce intentions ahead of time so we can stop them? We need more outlets for violent idiots to reveal themselves before it’s too late, not fewer. Uh, careful with what you ask for. We reward narcissism in society today, and because of that society is filled with more narcissists than ever.

Looking to an archived copy of the 8chan post, we can see that the post But to date the Columbine attacks have inspired at least 74 copy-cat.

S law enforcement agencies over the course of the month. The site also received two requests from foreign authorities, which it says it ignored. In the handful of past instances where 8chan has disclosed requests made by authorities abroad, it has also said it has ignored them. The 8chan administration is responding to law enforcement regarding the recent incident where many websites were used by a criminal to publicize his crime. We always comply with US law and won’t comment further on this incident so as not to disrupt the ongoing investigation.

The site was created seven years ago by Fredrick Brennan in reaction to what he felt was onerous moderation of the image board 4chan, which itself had gained a reputation for being a cesspool of problematic content. While the number of government requests 8chan received in March may be unusual, government and law enforcement routinely request information about users and accounts from major internet platforms including Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

The reports suggest such requests are increasing and yielding more information about users. In many cases, government investigators have accompanied their requests with gag orders that prevent the company from revealing the full scope of what law enforcement is seeking. Shane Bauer.

8chan’s new internet host was kicked off its own host just hours later

The far-right internet forum 8chan, which has been linked to mass shootings in the US, has lost its cybersecurity protection after its provider cut off support. In a blog post in the wake of the two shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, Cloudflare chief executive Matthew Prince said the company could no longer offer web-based support and cybersecurity protection to the site. Mr Prince claimed the suspect in the El Paso attack had posted to 8chan before commencing the attack.

We just sent notice we are terminating service for 8chan.

8Chan Founder Says Message Board Should Be Shut Down – Report. 3 The CW Fall Sets Premiere Dates For ‘Supernatural’, ‘Swamp Thing’.

The bottom-feeding forum 8chan, which grew popular by embracing fringe hateful internet cultures, is having trouble staying online. After Cloudflare dropped its protection of the site yesterday, 8chan adopted the services of Bitmitigate, but soon lost that too as the company providing Bitmitigate with services dropped them. First, a name registrar.

Second, a domain name service. These do work in the background to turn requests, like putting facebook. Third, an actual server. Your data has to physically be stored somewhere with a fat pipe to the internet so others can access it.

Timeline of 8chan

As a website home to the disturbing manifestos of mass shooters seeks to rebrand, yet another violent, religiously targeted attack has been streamed online. A gunman who allegedly shot and killed two people outside a German synagogue in Halle reportedly ranted about feminism, immigration and Jews in a live-stream of the rampage. A logo of the “rebranded” 8Chan site, 8kun Source:Twitter.

We should celebrate the ‘deplatforming’ of the 8chan message board, an online dating service for people looking to have extramarital affairs.

If you don’t already, be sure to sign up for our newsletter with this LINK. Jim Watkins, the owner of 8chan, participated in a congressional deposition after the House Homeland Security Committee subpoenaed him last month. The deposition, which apparently lasted between a. What Watkins said: Watkins was accompanied by his attorney Benjamin Barr — who has counted controversial right-wing group Project Veritas among his former clients — according to 8chan’s official Twitter account.

The night before the deposition, Watkins tweeted a link to his prepared testimony , in which he framed 8chan as “the only platform featuring a full commitment to free speech. What committee leaders had to say: “We want to thank Mr. Most members were not on Capitol Hill at the time of the deposition, which was held at an undisclosed location at the end of the summer recess.

It is typical for depositions, which amount to congressional “fact-finding” missions under oath, to be held in private. Read more on the event here. Around 60 percent of white adults in the U. Overall, Pew found that 56 percent of American adults said they trust law enforcement to use the sensitive technology, which has been the subject of enormous controversy over allegations that it misidentifies people of color and women at higher rates.

The poll found that Democrats were more likely to express skepticism of the technology, while Republicans were more likely to be on board.

The Cops Want to Know What’s Happening on 8chan

Greg Zanis prepares crosses to place at a makeshift memorial for victims of a mass shooting at a shopping complex Monday, Aug. Clarissa Hernandez holds Ezra Magallanes as they visit a makeshift memorial for victims of a mass shooting at a shopping complex Monday, Aug. The site suffered sporadic outages Monday after its cybersecurity provider cut off support for what it called a “cesspool of hate.

The online message board dates back to Under the banner of free speech, it allows users to post graphic and extremist content and doesn’t censor posts. The site has been linked to violent extremists.

vrh3jdpka4rd4w2xxxon – 8Chan Is Back And Calling Itself 8kun Now. The anonymous forum 8Chan—a haven for far-right extremists, conspiracy theorists, and internet filth—came Ask Dr. NerdLove: Is She Only Dating Me For My Money?

Security platform Cloudflare ditched 8chan, leaving it vulnerable to attacks. The extremist forum appears to remain knocked offline. The site has been mostly offline since early Monday after a series of companies, starting with security platform Cloudflare, decided to stop working with the site. The manifesto railed against immigrants, declaring “this attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas.

That massacre was followed less than a day later by a seemingly unconnected shooting in Dayton, Ohio, that left nine dead and 27 injured. The shock of the weekend’s atrocities raised questions about 8chan and its continued existence on the internet. The revelations of 8chan’s central role in encouraging attacks drove companies that until now have defended 8chan to take action.

Security platform Cloudflare, which had previously defended working with 8chan , announced Sunday that it would drop the site. The rationale is simple: They have proven themselves to be lawless and that lawlessness has caused multiple tragic deaths. Even if 8chan may not have violated the letter of the law in refusing to moderate their hate-filled community, they have created an environment that revels in violating its spirit.

Shortly after, BitMitigate, a site that appeared to work with 8chan after Cloudflare dropped out, no longer seemed accessible on the web either. BitMitigate apparently resold services from another company, Voxility, which said in a statement that it pulled access to its services as soon as it learned 8chan was running on its network. BitMitigate’s other high-profile client, hate site The Daily Stormer , also seemed partially knocked offline Monday, something its publisher Andrew Anglin confirmed.

After reports the El Paso shooter posted a manifesto, 8chan went dark. But is it gone for good?

Is an arcade games site that have a great selection of free mini games online and always add new games daily, so you never have a chance to get bored. Howard B. Here it is in its glory again, enjoy. Our website is an online all chan hebe site. It was founded by Fredrick Brennan as a site devoted to radical free speech, as he saw other sites formerly known as free-for-alls become more restrictive.

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The owner of the online message board 8chan says he’s headed shortly to the United States, where lawmakers want to question him on his.

This week, Cloudflare announced that it would no longer help to host 8Chan. Cloudflare is an infrastructure provider: it helps speed up websites and protects them from malicious attacks. This decision is notable because infrastructure providers have not historically been publicly visible in policing hate speech. Cloudflare and others made headlines in when it and several other companies revoked their services for The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi forum that played a large role in supporting the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville.

The decision to drop 8Chan is an incredibly complex one. Perhaps more importantly, as Tarleton Gillespie points out, it sends a clear message about the types of speech that society will not tolerate. Content distribution networks, hosts, social media platforms, search engines, and other internet and telecommunications companies have always had the power to influence who is able to reach large audiences online.

Now, looking back at how toxic cultures have festered and grown on both mainstream and fringe parts of the internet, we are finally having a conversation about how they should exercise that power. The rule of law is a set of ideals that has long been used to determine whether rules are fairly made and enforced.

Far-right forum 8chan cut off by cybersecurity provider

Russian hosting service allows for new posts from person claiming to be at centre of ‘QAnon’ conspiracy theory. Extremists calling for fresh massacres online after attacks in Poway, El Paso and Norway. Long reads. Coronavirus Advice. Lockdown Guide.

The bottom-feeding forum 8chan, which grew popular by embracing fringe hateful internet cultures, is having trouble staying online.

Follow our live coverage for the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic. Anonymous unmoderated online forum 8chan, a website violent extremists have used to share tips and encourage one another, has suffered sporadic outages after its cybersecurity provider cut off support. It comes as the site returns to the spotlight after reports the El Paso shooter, who killed 22 people, posted a 2,word anti-immigrant manifesto to the forum before carrying out his attack. It was met with uncensored praise and adulation from other users who called the massacre a “response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas”.

If confirmed, it would make the shooting the third this year where the attacker had links to 8chan. The site went down briefly on Monday after security provider Cloudflare said it would stop supporting the site. Without Cloudflare’s protection the site became vulnerable to outside hackers who shut it down. But when Cloudflare cut off service, 8chan moved to web host Epik for its registration.

Alex Stamos, the director of the Stanford Internet Observatory, tweeted that it appeared that Epik rents its servers from Voxility, a company that provides hardware, network equipment, internet access and security services. Soon after his tweet, Voxility said it was “urgently” addressing the issue before it promptly cut ties with Epik.

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